Our biggest thank you is for the audience members who have enjoyed our concerts — many who've returned year after year, decade after decade. We'd also like to thank our spouses, partners, significant others, friends, children, and families for their support. It takes the patient hard work and talent of many people behind the scenes to create and support our performances. Friendly music stores, reporters, radio stations, graphic designers, and other professionals are plentiful. These are the some of the people who have made our concerts possible and successful.

Thank you!

Harry Tuft

With deep gratitude, we thank Harry Tuft. Harry is likely one of the most loved people on the planet. He has supported the careers of hundreds of musicians, especially in Colorado. Harry's Denver Folklore Center has been a mecca for acoustic musicians since the early 1960s. The early MoFo concerts were at the Denver Folklore Center Concert Hall. Roughly a third of the band has worked for Harry at some point. Harry can be counted on for a warm word and thoughtful advice. He often introduces our shows.

Harry loves a great song. He performs with friends including Carla Sciaky, and with his longtime band mates Steve Abbott and Jack Stanesco in Grubstake.

You can always find a cup of coffee, cookies, other people who love music and instruments, and maybe even a great jam at the Denver Folklore Center. Located near Denver University, they offer a diverse collection of music, DVDS, books, and gear, along with lessons and instrument repair.

Paul Vastola

Paul has been instrumental to the success of the MoFos since the late 1970s. He's provided rehearsal space, organized sound checks, coordinated with the lighting and sound staff for our concerts, and worked the stage during the shows. He ensures we have what we need, and sound our best. Many of the MoFos' solo albums have been recorded and produced by Paul and his company, Rocky Mountain Recorders. He recorded and produced our albums "Confluence" and "Alive at 25" (on his BabyJane label). He's married to MoFo vocalist Suzy Nelson.

Dan Prendergast

Dan has been a most excellent stage hand and supporter of the Mother Folkers since the early 1980s. He makes it look easy to get us all on and off stage, and at the right microphone with the right instrument. Married to MoFo Carla Sciaky, he even works our shows in years when she's taking time off! Dan has a marvelous taste in ties which he subtly showcases at concerts. Dan and Carla's Propinquity label produced our first album, “Live at the Arvada Center”.


Gil Asakawa

One of our most enthusiastic fans, Gil has covered our shows for decades in his journalistic roles. Recent endeavors include writing for the Huffington Post, blogging, and teaching journalism at CU Boulder.

Sue Foppe

Whether designing our posters or embroidered MoFo hats, Sue is an ace at colorful, wonderful promotional materials. We thank her for her unwavering support.

Marilyn McGenity

Marilyn is a long-time fan of the Mother Folkers. When we needed a place to host our benefit reunion concerts she stepped right up to the plate to offer the Mercury Cafe concert hall, despite our lack of a website or social media/YouTube presence.

The Mercury Cafe features a friendly vibe, two music venues, and delicious, healthy food at a reasonable price.

Eric Weber

Eric has been the Mother Folker photographer since the early 1980s. He always has us all looking good and can get a unique shot quickly while making sure we're having fun in the process. An accomplished mandolinist himself, we've wanted to put him in a wig and get him onstage — possibly in the future! Eric specializes in fashion photography and performer portraits from the theater and music industries.

Concert Support

MoFo Mini-Mall and Silent Auction Volunteers
Eve Audley, Lori Daigle, Kalindi DeFrancis, Jim O'Neill, Barb Solow
Stage and Logistics
Phoenix Cox, Dan Prendergast, Paul Vastola, Geoff Withers
Rich Moore, Paul Vastola, Grant Putney, Loveland Rialto Theatre Crew, and Duane Webster
Stage Art and Sculpture
Dede LaRue
Stage Flowers
David, Kathy, and Sarah Metsch


KGNU – 88.5 FM, 1390 AM Boulder
Meredith Carson
KRFC – 88.9 FM, Fort Collins
Doug Audley, Steve Brockway, Cynthia Bigelow, Andrea Bradstreet, Steve Durmeyer, Lenny Epstein, Karol Harding, JoAnn Hedelston, Zach Kaplan, Deni LaRue, Charlie Schneider, Barb Solow, Ken, and all the volunteers
KUNC – 91.5 FM, Greeley
Wendy Wham


Michael Drumm Productions


Denver Post
Dick Kreck
Fort Collins Coloradoan
Stacy Nick
Loveland Reporter Herald
Rehma Zlaten
Gil Asakawa


Eric Weber, Eric Weber Studios
Louis Krupp
Graphic Design
Sue Foppe (Denver), Jeff Maust (Fort Collins)
Legal Services
Coming soon...
Rich Harris (1980s)
Musical Instruments, Gear & Repair
Denver Folklore Center, Michael Bashkin Guitars (Fort Collins), Spotlight Music, (Fort Collins), Jeff Hoffman, Matt Thompson
Postering Services
Nancy York, Fort Collins
Pixels and Press, Fort Collins

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