The Mother Folkers

A MoFo Reunion!

Mother Folkers who will be performed at the Colorado Hall of Fame concert are:

Our Music

The Mother Folkers perform primarily original music in the genres of Americana, Pop, Rock, World, Jazz, Swing, Bluegrass, Celtic, and Blues, with a touch of Classical and New Orleans influences.

Our instruments include: piano, bass, saxophones, acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin, marimba, hammered dulcimer, banjo, harmonica, autoharp, penny whistle, fiddle, accordion, and violin. Our rhythms are driven by conga, caj√≥n, snare drum, and additional percussion. We “rock the house” with rousing a cappella numbers, and harmonize in smaller groups.

Our Shows

A Mother Folker concert features a few songs with everyone on stage; most of the show is a dynamic and evolving combination of performers and musical styles. Suitable for all ages, there is truly something for everyone in shows that bring audiences to their feet. Superb musicianship, tight vocal harmonies, humor, and powerful songs make for an evening of complete entertainment.


The Mother Folkers (“MoFos”) began in 1973, when several women musicians realized they all had followings, and that by combining to perform a show, they might be able to have fun playing music to larger audiences. The Mother Folkers' first performance was at the Denver Folklore Center Concert Hall. The group changed in the early years as people moved to Nashville, New York City, rural Indiana, and elsewhere. Band members live along the Front Range of Colorado, from Denver, to Nederland, to north of Fort Collins.

The Present

After 25 years of presenting unique concerts each spring, the “'Fos” voted for a two-year sabbatical. It turned into seven years, while families were raised, bills were paid, and other music made. The MoFos reunited in 2010, 2012 and 2014 to help two of their own with benefit concerts, picking up right where they left off.

Our Legacy

For several decades the Mother Folkers worked up a new show and performed several concerts annually. The Mother Folkers have a unique system of organization which contributes to the band's success for over four decades! Each member leads one song and chooses their accompanists. The artist leading the song has final say on arrangement, harmonies, and instrumentation, although everyone contributes their ideas. The Mother Folkers appear on stage as a group only once or twice in a concert; most of the concert features various combinations of people, featuring a wide variety of musical styles. Being in the band alters the members as musicians and people, while inspiring audiences and each other.


The goal of this site is to tell the story of the Mother Folkers, a group of women whose performances have spanned more than forty-five years. A bit of the magic, accomplishment, and impact of the band is captured here. This site is under development by group member Ellen Audley as part of an undergraduate program Journalism and Media Communication at Colorado State University. Watch for videos and photos to appear in the future as studies progress.

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